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Newsletter Z-CARD®s - 94% more carbon efficient than a leaflet

May 2011

We recognise that environmental sustainability is increasingly important for all organisations. Reducing the carbon impact of your print communications can play a major factor in meeting your compliance targets. Z-CARD® have commissioned world-leading environmental consultancy, Giraffe Innovation Ltd, to compare several printed communications and rank them in terms of environmental impact.

Z-CARD®s - 94% more carbon efficient than a leaflet

Comparing a standard 6 panel Z-CARD® to a three panel A4 folded leaflet, Giraffe assessed the whole production process from resource extraction to delivery in London. They found that by item to item comparison the products had the same carbon footprint of 0.02kg CO2eq. By then factoring in the Z-CARD®s 86% retention rate, they found the Z-CARD® to be 94% more carbon efficient.

You can also reduce the carbon impact of your communications even further by careful selection of stock options, such as using our recycled papers or FSC* accredited stocks. Additionally, we offer complementary or standalone digital pocket communications which provide more information to your clients without the environmental impact.

For more ideas or information on carbon efficient pocket communications please contact us on 0207 7924 5147.

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