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Newsletter Kick the competition into touch with PocketMedia®

June 2011

2011's biggest rugby event is set to attract over 4 billion TV viewers worldwide when it kicks off in September. This represents a marketing opportunity not to be missed! We can help drive exposure of your brand with a print, digital or fully integrated PocketMedia® campaign.

Kick the competition into touch with PocketMedia®

Our range of compact and retainable marketing solutions has a proven track record of engaging your audience and enhancing your campaign results. The signature Z-CARD® is ideally suited for sporting events, especially when accompanied by a mobile website providing live updates. With 48 matches in 12 stadiums ranging from Invercargill to Auckland, we can help rugby fans to keep track of the latest tournament news. Our integrated rugby Z-CARD® and mobile website provides fixture times, stadium information, live updates and Kiwiana phrases.

Click here to see our combined fixture and stadium guide or visit mobile.zcard.com/rugby/uk on your phone to view our mobile rugby website.

Contact us for a free fixture guide sample or to discuss how we can tailor our tournament templates to suit your brand.

Kick the competition into touch in 2011 using compact, retainable and targeted PocketMedia® solutions.

Call us today on 020 7924 5147 to find out more.

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